This is a concept of a successful woman who can make her own choice for a better life. Some of the main life principles of a woman that owns a bracelet from "Kravitz Concept" are constant self-development and growth.

Thanks to modern technology, a global world has opened up before women, so she can move with the times without stopping to care about future generations. She can grow personally and make her contribution into the development of the global world.

Actively participating in the life of the big wide world, the woman is still in touch with nature because she gives birth and cares for her children. Thanks to her connection with nature her intuition is more developed, which is so necessary in today's unstable world and in her actions she makes correct decisions, which lead her to success.

Being so strong, nevertheless, a woman needs protection and the best source of energy is nature itself. Thus we offer jewellery made from natural stones, which will grace her tender woman hands and constantly remind her of her mission – to make this world a better place.

Also, an owner of such a bracelet will always stand out from the crowd, thus attracting luck into her life, whether it's at a party, a family dinner or at a business meeting.

We offer a wide range of bracelets. Each one has its unique quality and can strengthen different qualities of a woman's personality.