The brand was founded by Erika Kravitz.

Born in a small authentic town in Latvia.

I’ve loved to paint since childhood. Graduated from Yuriy Soykan Art School studying sculpture and a social leadership multidisciplinary faculty at Haifa University.

My favourite expression is “the final action is in the initial thought”, which means that in the beginning everything is clarified in thought, and then a process of materialisation (often hidden from us) begins.

For example, I’ve always dreamed of travelling, having a very wide circle of friends. My dream was so strong that it allowed me to see opportunities where others couldn’t see them and would walk pass them by.

Any right action starts from a good intention.

We are so lucky to live in the age of digital technology, when we can get true information about any product from other buyers who are just like us.

It is very important to me as a designer to bring people joy and inspiration with my collections – this is my main mission.

I want to bring joy and beauty into this world, something that will accompany a person for many years.

P.S. Also I live on the Mediterranean coast, I’m married and I’m a mother of a little girl :)